November, 2016

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Artificial Turf Is Eco-Friendly And Waterless

The waterless nature of artificial turf remains to be a dominant reason why several homes, as well as business, use it. It stands as a revolutionary development in the landscaping business, in addition to the eco-friendly features. For many homes and companies, water has become something essential, and to maintain a simple grass lawn, water usage reduction is required. However, the technical advancement of artificial lawn has completely altered this, allowing grass to primarily preserve them, something that would not have been possible a few years back. A synthetic turf is a financial investment that saves you time and money.

You use about 22,000-25,000 gallons of water in a single year to water a lawn. This does not include sporting fields that require more water. With ecological issues, such as pollutant, toxic waste and avoidable use of water, installing a synthetic turf can be the solution to all these problems. Having an artificial turf can save you thousands of gallons of water that will have been required yearly. For states that already have laws regulating the use of water for lawns, a synthetic lawn maybe all that you need to stay within the law. Places that are faced with drought will benefit from the water conserved that will have been used on natural grass. Synthetic turf does not require mowing, weeding or fertilizer application which are all beneficial to the environment. The environment is free from toxic chemicals and emission when you use artificial turf.

The average cost of maintaining a very basic lawn is around $30 per week or $120 per month. This cost will add up to $1440 a year. But if you have artificial turf, you are incurring a very minimal cost, and this will add up to a huge saving at the end of the year. The cost of maintaining a lawn can be significant in a year for businesses. If a company decides to have an artificial turf, the cost of maintenance will be minimal, and the saving can be used to cover other expenses. Businesses that have artificial turf will be saving such cost as gardening, mowing and weeding costs.

Artificial turf saves you the worry of having dirt or mud spot, which can be brought indoor by pets or heavy foot traffic. If though artificial turf does not require water, it has an inbuilt drainage system that drains any liquids that get on the turf. Thus, rain water and other fluids will not damage the surface area of the grass. Artificial turf as backing that is perforated; this allows water to drain quickly. Because water cannot stay on it, the chance of bacteria growing on it is very slim. Synthetic grass is a water saver because it does not need regular watering like natural grass. This saves you not only water but also money and energy. The way to go now is artificial turf when you need landscaping for your home or office.

At Green Turf, we can provide you with artificial turf to fit your need. You can be assured that our lawns are suitable for sporting activities and your player will notice no difference from natural grass.