Steps on How to Install Artificial Turf

If you don’t have time to tend a natural lawn, you can install an artificial turf although you will have to follow some steps. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can hire a professional to help you do it. However, if you are planning to install an artificial turf, here are the steps:

Substrate preparation

To ensure proper installation, you need to have a compact soil or concrete where you will place the grass. However, if you already have the rigid support of concrete or terrazzo, you will have to clean the surface and remove any debris to have a perfect ground.

In preparing the substrate whether natural or grass support, you are required to remove grass chippings, roots, vegetation, stones etc. to have an even surface which does not have any weeds. In fact, it is recommended you use herbicides to prevent weeds from re-emerging after preparing the substrate. Then, to prevent the ground from sinking when it rains, compact the ground.

Placement of mesh anti weed

You need to place the mesh anti weed on the already prepared substrate. This will prevent emergence of weeds, improve drainage and protect the base of the artificial grass.

Placement of artificial turf

Carefully place the artificial turf on the prepared surface while making necessary cuts along the perimeter.

Placement of adhesive joints

To have the turf intact, you need to place the adhesive joints and adhesive strip bonding along the entire artificial turf band. Then to create one piece, put the strips of grass at the points of union on both sides of the lawn. You will have to use the adhesive joints to put the strips together. To know more about artificial Turf visit

Sanding and finishing of grass

To have a natural appearance to the lawn and make it stronger, you can extend the silica sand. However, this is determined by the model of the grass you’ve used. If the model you’ve does not require sand, you can just use a small amount of sand to have greater firmness. In finish up, you just need to pass water gently over the turf to remove any dirt that may have remained during installation. Later on, you will have to carry out minimal maintenance practices from time to time to keep the turf in its perfect condition.

Unlike natural lawn, artificial lawn does not require regular maintenance and hence it has cheaper maintenance costs. Nevertheless, natural lawn has a better look compared to artificial lawns and most people prefer having natural lawns. If you decide to have natural lawn, you will have to know how to maintain it, get necessary maintenance equipment e.g. a lawn mower and know how to use them. Most homeowners who have natural lawns and have limited time, they hire professionals to keep the lawns in a perfect condition. If you don’t want to incur further expenses in maintaining your lawn, artificial turf is an ideal option for you.


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